Your Home

Your home is the tiny part of earth you are almost 100 percent responsible for.  The place where your family grows up, and where you lay your head each night as you mentally prepare for the next day.  Taking pride in your stamp on this earth, and making this private space a priority with high standards are passions most homeowners live with everyday.  In this site, you’ll find helpful ways to take small and large steps to improve your home which can improve your healthy lifestyle and state of wellness.


Simple Home Upgrades

While you can’t avoid every hazard thrown in your path, you can try to create a wholesome nest for yourself and your family—pets included. It starts by blocking certain nasties at the front door, including pollen, pesticides, noxious solvents, and disease-carrying creepie crawlies. Indoors, you want to prevent mold, bacteria, and viruses from taking hold, and minimize allergy-provoking animal dander and dust mites. Making your home healthier can involve simple remedies, such as opening a window to let in a blast of fresh air, and more lasting solutions, like moving away from paints, furnishings, and cleaning products that throw off chemical vapors.

Benefits of Solar

Solar power is available more than ever for American households. With energy bills increasing every year, seasonal fluctuations, and the health of planet, adding solar power to your home is definitely worth looking into.  In many cases, it can almost wipe out your electric bill with a lower solar bill to replace it.

DIY Home Improvements

Ever look around your home and get bored?  That’s what a rainy day is for.  You don’t need to be the most creative person, or a construction worker to spruce up your home.  You just need a good source with How-To instructions to get things done.  A little paint here, a little sanding there, some nails and fabric.  You’d be a surprised what you can accomplish with your own hands.