A healthy lifestyle is essential in life. Your health should always be #1 on the priority list.

Body: Diet and Exercise.

Spirit: Love thyself.

Mind: Challenge thyself.


Healthy food choices to improve quality of life.


Dieting is not for everyone. Compare what is working for others.


Exercises that accommodate all stages in life to keep you in shape.


Benefits of Yoga and tips to navigate different types.


Healthy tricks to boost brain power and memory.


Tips on what vitamins can help with everyday lag.

Eat Right

Sometimes, medicine can cause you to gain weight. Other times, eating unhealthy foods can cause weight gain. Foods high in calories and saturated or “bad” fats can raise your blood pressure and cholesterol. This can increase your chances of gaining weight and having other health problems, like heart disease and diabetes.

Be Active and Exercise

Along with a healthy diet, exercise can improve your health and well-being. Exercising regularly can increase your self-esteem and confidence; reduce your feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression; improve your sleep; and help you maintain a healthy weight. Living with a mental health condition can lead to isolation and loneliness. Getting active is the antidote.

Get Enough Rest

Sleep can affect your mood as well as your body and is important to your recovery. Not getting the right amount of sleep can make day-to-day functioning and recovery harder. For tips on how to sleep better, contact the National Sleep Foundation.

Avoid Negative Self Talk

Negative thinking can often drag you and others around you down. There are many different types of negative thinking and you may not even realize that you are doing it. It is an important part of living well to overcome and change the negative thinking. Some ways of overcoming the negative thinking include replacing the negative thought with a positive one, repeating positive statements, and seeking professional therapy from a cognitive-behavioral therapist. © Copyright Mental Health America