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Retire to travel

Retire to Travel

Slow travel – Extended stays allow for lower-cost accommodations and fewer transportation expenses.

RVing – You’ll enjoy the journey as much as each destination.

Train travel – Train travel is a comfortable and scenic way to explore the globe.

Cruises – Active retirees searching for adventure and comfort may find their paradise at sea.

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Retire to travel

Top 10 USA Retirement Destinations

Retire to travel

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Retire to travel

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Travel and Leisure Must Do’s. No more waiting for your annual vacation, then filling it end-to-end until you drag yourself back to work needing another week off. You are retired — and if you’re reading this, you probably love to travel. With the youngest baby boomers turning 55 this year, and the first group around age 73, most members of that influential cohort are likely retired or semi-retired. According to AARP’s 2019 Boomer Travel Trends survey, the majority of boomers (94 percent) anticipated at least one domestic getaway last year, with an average of four to five total trips planned. And over half (53 percent) expected to travel internationally.